Retreat Services


Our commercial kitchen is fully staffed and committed to the highest standards of quality and nourishment. We use Peruvian sea salt rather than fluoridated salt which is the standard in Ecuador. We do not alter the molecular structure of your food by using a microwave (we don’t own one). Our fruits and vegetables are always as fresh and organic as possible. We commit to cooking and catering for our guests exactly as we would for our own family. We live here so that is what we do daily! Our juice, smoothie and cocktail bar boasts delicious, fresh-fruit drinks that are without equal. Fresh coconuts are almost always available. 

Spa & Wellness Center

Integral to our values and principles is Madre Tierra’s Spa and Wellness Center. We offer a wide range of treatments to support both beauty and well-being. Our spa services are broad and range from remedial therapies to techniques including Turkish steam baths, clay baths, foot reflexology, massages, exfoliation, facials, hair treatments, pedicures and the technology to offer healthful, fully supervised, detoxifying open & closed system colonic cleanses. Whether your focus is detoxifying, healing or rejuvenating your body, we are dedicated to partnering with all guests in their quest for whole body healing. 




















We also offer state of the art equipment and holistic treatment techniques administered by our very own Doctor of Physical Therapy, Amy Pemberton. Amy earned her Bachelors in Exercise Science in 2010 and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013, both from Eastern Washington University. Since graduating, Dr. Amy has further developed her manual skills by completing a nine month certification in craniosacral therapy (CCST). She has also completed a ten month fellowship in Applied Functional Science (FAFS) from the Gray Institute making her a biomechanics expert. She believes she can best serve her patients when viewing them as a whole unit and partnering with them to create functional, individualized treatment programs that assist the body’s own healing capacities. 


Here are some of the interventions administered by

Dr. Amy Pemberton: 

  • Craniosacral 

  • Frequency Specific Microcurrent

  • Power Plate Whole Body Vibration

  • Strain Counter Strain

  • Biomechanical Analysis

  • Individualized Exercise Prescription 

  • Lymphatic Drainage

  • Muscle Energy Technique

  • Myofascial Release

  • Total Motion Release


Ask about creating a custom spa & wellness package for your retreat.

Conference & Yoga Center

Madre Tierra has a well-equipped yoga & conference center that accommodates over 100 people. It is a venue for events such as yoga, seminars, art, dance, and theater. Some of these events are valuable experiences in designing a sustainable future, expressing the arts, or presenting alternative and creative ways of moving, eating, growing, thinking and healing.








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