How long does it take to get to Madre Tierra Retreat Center from the United States?

It depends on where in the world you are departing from.  For example, if departing from the U.S. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Quito, Ecuador, it is a 4.5 hr flight.  The flight from Quito to Loja airport is 1.5 hr by airplane and an additional 1 hour by private van shutttle before you arrive at the beautiful Madre Tierra Retreat Center.

What is the weather like at Madre Tierra?

Perfect. At 5,000 feet elevation and close to the equator, we have average high temperatures of between 70-85 degrees fahrenheit year around.  Southern Ecuador has a rainy season and a dry season.  The rainy season is partly cloudy each day with plenty of sunshine. It does rain; however, for the most part the rain develops into the evening after a mostly sunny day due to atmospheric heating.  The dry season warms up into the 80's with mostly sunny skies.  The climate is what draws expats and tourists into the region from all across the world.

What type of retreats can you host?

With a full service commercial kitchen, yoga & conference center, pool, and staff, we are the ideal location for a variety of retreats such as yoga, health & wellness, detox, juicing, fasting, raw food, full body cleanse, spiritual and educational retreats just to name a few.  If you have a retreat idea, we have the facility for you.

Can I rent out the entire resort for my retreat? Or, how about only a couple rooms and the conference center?

Yes, you can rent the entire resort.  We offer 18-20 rooms for rent that can host up to 45 people. If you would like to rent only some of the rooms, but still would like access to the conference center we can easily accommodate your requests.  We are willing to work with you to customize your retreat with our facility to suite your needs.

What currency does Ecuador use?

Ecuador uses the US dollar.  Most places do not except credit cards and will accept cash only.

Are there insects?

Yes, however we are not located in the jungle so they are limited. We primarily observe no see ums and mosquitoes, but only during certain parts of the year.  On our grounds we see even less insects than if you were to go hiking in the forest.

What is there to do in Vilcabamba?

There are many activities to participate in around Madre Tierra.  Hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, sight seeing, bird & butterfly watching, river soaking & swimming, van tours, cultural experiences, are what most people enjoy doing in the Vilcabamba valley.  And of course, lets not forget relaxing in our spa. 

Will my group have full access to the commercial kitchen?

The short answer is yes.  We have a fully staffed kitchen that can accommodate all of your meal needs along with special requests.  Some groups request to bring in their own chefs.  We can also arrange for such requests. 

What daily services does Madre Tierra supply?

We offer housekeeping (room and linen cleaning) and personal laundry services upon request.  Filtered water is available to all of our guests in the restaurant / reception area.  Wifi is available on sight in most of our rooms with the most reliable internet access in the restaurant.  Our reception staff is bilingual (English and Spanish) and able to arrange taxi and shuttle services for our guests.  Long distance calling to United States is available via our MagicJack phone for a charge.  Full access to our pool is also included.   

Aren't you guys more of a resort & spa?

We are a full service resort, spa, & retreat center.  We do cater to the public, and take individual reservations.  However, over the years we have built a reputation of being a 5 star retreat center, hosting many retreats.  Because of our popularity, and the rising interest in retreats worldwide we have decided to focus our efforts on scheduling retreats throughout the year.  That being said, we schedule individual reservations around those retreats.  We are excited for the opportunities that are before us.  For more information on individual reservations, check out our resort & spa website at

Do you currently have any retreats booked?

Yes, we do.  We are excited about the retreats we have scheduled for 2018.  For example, we are looking forward to Karen Million's cleanse retreat schedule for this year.  For more information, check out her website:

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